Travel Tips

Basic precautions while travelling to Amritsar:

1)  Keep your money and travel documents close to your body (perhaps in a pouch slung around your neck, tucked out of sight under your shirt),

2)  Keep several photocopies of your passport, insurance, travellers’ cheques etc. scattered through your luggage,

3)  Do not use a waist pouch, it may as well be a transparent plastic bag: it’s that fragile and that obvious!

4)  Do not put all your money in one place,

5)  Be extremely alert in the dark. The multitudes who are around in the day, disappear into their homes at night, and you go from having a huge thick safety quilt to a flimsy sheet! Try your best to be in a familiar area when it gets dark. If are not, at least know how you can get to that area from wherever it is that you happen to be.

6) Many women travelers wear the long tunic and loose pyjama dress of Indian women called the salwar-kameez and find that it substantially dissuades unwanted male attention.

7) If you are travelling alone, do not advertise it.

8) I f you lose your passport, lodge a First Information Report at the local police station and contact your embassy.



All visitors to India are required to carry a passport valid at least for the next 6 months. Visas are mandatory but exemptions include:

1)  Bhutanese and Nepalese visitors who are staying for less than 3 months,

2)  Nationals from the Maldives, if they are staying for a maximum of 90 days (this includes any periods they may have spent in India up to 6 months prior to the visit in question),

3)  Transit passengers who have a follow-on ticket within 72 hours of arrival as long as they are not going to leave the airport.

Special restrictions apply to Pakistani and Afghan nationals.